What do I do if a limiting belief stubbornly resists clearing?

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In situations like these, there are a few things to be aware of:

1. Limiting beliefs typically occur in clusters, which means that one limiting belief is often in part held in place by other similar/synergistic limiting beliefs. For example, ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I am not worthy of love’ and ‘I am unattractive’ are all related in part, which means that if you only clear ‘I am not good enough’ but you haven’t cleared or still believe the other two, it can make it feel ‘stuck’ or like its not fully clearing. However, once you clear the other two beliefs clustered with it, it will then release fully and feel ‘gone’.

This is why it is so important to be methodical in your belief clearing and not leave any stone unturned.

2. Limiting beliefs and emotions are commingled, meaning they tend to anchor each other in. Using the example above, believing ‘I am not good enough’ will often make people also feel ‘shame about their body’ and ‘fear of being rejected’, among other things. If you have not cleared these two emotional blocks, the same issue can happen as described in the previous section on limiting belief clusters—that is, that the emotional blocks can anchor in the limiting beliefs and vice versa, which again is why it is SO important to be methodical in your belief and emotional clearing and not leave any stone unturned.

Over time, with steady practice you will eventually unearth everything and become emotionally free, limitless and locked into flow.

3. If after going through all of the above, if the belief or emotion still feels stuck, ask yourself, why/how is it being stubborn? Do you truly 100% want to release it fully with every fiber of your being? Or is some part of you wanting to hold on it that you are aware of?

Often times, for various reasons, people don’t fully want to release a limiting belief (or emotion). Part of them might, but often a more deeply unconscious part of them doesn’t. It might seem crazy, but our beliefs often make us feel safe, even if they are limiting us greatly. As such, sometimes people unconsciously resist letting go of beliefs that don’t serve them even though they consciously know better.

In situations like these, try to get clear on why you don’t actually want to release it and see if there is another deeper limiting belief or emotional pattern that is keeping it locked in place and try to clear that. Reflecting on just how and why this belief has limited you and what will become possible for you as you let it go will often give you the motivation necessary to let it go once and for all.

4. If a limiting belief was created as a result of mental, emotional or physical trauma, then it can sometimes get stuck more deeply into various layers of our body. In those cases, we have found it most helpful to do somatic types of therapy to access and release these deeply stuck emotions and energies from the body. There are resources for this in Week 2 and/or for additional support please reach out to us directly and we can recommend further modalities or therapists based on your unique situation.

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