Should I do the clearing practices everyday?

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As a general rule of thumb, we recommend clearing no more than 2 limiting beliefs and programming in no more than 2 positive beliefs each day. It is totally safe to do more, however, we recommend going slower rather than rushing through.

When clearing limiting beliefs and programming in positive beliefs, you will get better results the more you spend time taking action on, looking for evidence of, and concentrating on embodying the positive beliefs you are programming, so give yourself space to do that.

As such, a good recommended pace is clearing 1-2 beliefs per day and programming in 1-2 positive beliefs per day, and taking a day or two off every 3-4 days for integration.

Always listen to and check in with your body. If you are feeling tired or overwhelmed, or just generally feel like taking a day, or even multiple days off, honor that.

This is DEEP work, and it’s best to give your body time to process the changes you are making.

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