I have questions about / am having trouble with beliefs around safety.

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One of my strongest limiting beliefs lies around safety—it’s not safe to be here, I am not safe, etc. I have been working through the positive beliefs and haven’t found one that totally resonates. From an awake and aware perspective, I understand that we are truly never unsafe since we are infinite and could never really be ‘hurt’. However, here on the physical plane, safety can actually be a thing. I was using ‘I am safe and supported,’ and I had lots of mind chatter at the same time thinking about could I be deconditioning valuable survival mechanisms of sensing and perceiving real physical danger?

You will not decondition survival mechanisms as these are literally wired into your DNA, and it would require much more focused training to do so. Concerns for physical danger will still present themselves when appropriate. Plus, when you navigate from your intuition throughout life, it will alert you to potential dangers in your environment. Knowing this often makes it easier to relax into a place of trust around one’s safety… because in the vast majority of cases, safety is a state of mind and knowing we will be properly alerted to danger should it present itself allows us to relax more deeply into trust, which is really the quality that believing you are safe engenders.

If you are having trouble finding a positive belief that resonates, we recommend examining deeper into the emotional side of things. Is there still fear or anxiety about being safe, or fear or anxiety about being hurt, trusting other people, life, etc.? If this is the case and these emotions have not yet been cleared (see Week 2 videos and/or FAQ‘s), it may make it hard to find a positive belief that resonates because there is cognitive dissonance around it due to the conflicting priorities. Feel free to clear and program in new beliefs, but we would recommend revisiting this once you have examined and done some clearing on the above points first… you will likely find it easier or simply not an issue any more!

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