[Important] Guidelines for Getting the Most Out of the Flow Mastery Course

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1. The people who get the best results are the ones who simply show up and put what we teach into practice. Period.

+ You don’t have to be especially smart or experienced with personal development or anything like that. Just show up, put one foot in front of the other and apply what you learn and you WILL see the results.

+ What we teach works every time for every person—as long as you put what we teach into practice!

2. Doing something is better than doing nothing at all.

+ If you are busy or can’t watch one module per week, DON’T WORRY.

+ Just do whatever you can, even if it is only watching 10 minutes of a video because every single thing you learn will help you get into more flow.

+ There are many aspects to living in flow and the important thing to remember is that you don’t have to have them ALL in place to start experiencing flow.

+ Even applying just one of the things we teach can be enough to help you start experiencing flow and the more of what we teach that you apply, the deeper into flow you will go.

3. You can’t fall behind.

+ First of all, everyone is going to move at their own pace and everyone who joins this course will be starting from a different point in their journey.

+ Some may have already studied concepts that overlap on what we teach and they may be able to move faster. Some may have never heard of any of this and it may need to move slower as they learn new things.

+ So, don’t compare yourself to other people! Whatever speed you are moving at is perfect.

+ The course is designed for you to move at your own pace so just relax and enjoy yourself.

+ Flow is about being in the right place at the right time and you do that in part by calibrating to your unique pace that works best for you.

4. How long it takes you to experience flow is different for everybody.

+ Some people will start experiencing it immediately as they apply the techniques and principles and for other people it may take longer

+ So be patient with yourself and give the process time to work!

+ The more steadfastly and tenaciously you apply the techniques, the more quickly you will experience flow

+ The vast majority of people notice shifts and moments of flow happening very quickly either immediately or within the first few days to a week.

+ However, for a small number of people it may take a bit longer… sometimes up to 2-3 weeks. This is TOTALLY normal and we explain exactly why in the first few modules of the course.

+ If it is taking you a bit longer for whatever reason, there is no reason to be concerned—everyone has the ability to experience flow, but depending on your unique life situation it may cause the time it takes to be shorter or slightly longer.

+ Just keep applying everything you are learning and it will start to happen and you will forget all about any delay you had initially.

+ And finally, if you really feel stuck or need more personalized help, you can always get on one of the live question and answer calls or ask a question in the community group for further support

5. Faster is not necessarily better either, especially with the inner reprogramming work!

+ You need time to integrate what you are learning.

+ These are deep topics and take time to integrate fully

+ Going too fast can actually work against you and overwhelm your system with too much change. Give yourself time and space to integrate what you are learning and experiencing.

+ Remember, this course is compressing what would have previously taken years, even decades to accomplish into just 8 weeks, so even though it may feel like you are going slow, you are really moving at a VERY accelerated pace.

6. We release one module per week, because what is most important is that you apply what you learn in your day to day life and integrate everything.

+ We don’t want you to simply acquire more knowledge by racing through all the modules. We know it is tempting! But instead spend the time in between modules being released APPLYING what you learn and by the time the next module is released you will already be living in more flow than you were previously.

+ The recommended pace is watching one module per week and adding any practices taught that week to your ongoing repertoire. Think of it like building a skyscraper—each week you’ll add another floor by watching the new module we release and also continue with the practices you learned in previous weeks.

+ Remember, learning the principles and practices is just the first step, you must also apply them consistently!

7. If you really feel stuck or need more personalized help, you can always get on one of the live question and answer calls, tap into our huge knowledge base of frequently asked questions or post a question in the community group

+ We are here to help and have put together many resources to make it easy to troubleshoot anything that comes up for you.

+ If you have a question, please search our knowledge base first as 90% of the time you will find the exact solution you need pretty much immediately

+ If you can’t find what you are looking for there, then feel free to ask a question or share your situation in the Facebook community group, where other people who have been through the program may be able to help

+ If your situation is complex or you want to talk to us about it, join one of the ongoing Q+A calls for coaching and live guidance and feedback

+ And finally, if your situation is intimate or highly personal and you need private feedback or you simply need tech support, then use our support system to send us a message at support@flow-mastery.com and we’ll help you out at our earliest convenience.

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